Welcome to The Craft House

We are multidisciplinary artists that create artworks and workshops focussed on making an impact in our habitational spaces and environment. Our aim is spread art and its techniques between the artists in order to make a more beautiful, meaningful and better world.

‘Maybe all pain in the world requires poetry.’

Creation studio

Our creation studio has the soul of an experimentation laboratory. We try out  multidisciplinary techniques and sustainable materials in order to create new transversal solutions.

‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.’

Scott Adams

Our main aim is innovate within this industry in order to introduce art in our spaces and lives. We believe in art being a change maker and we work for these changes to happen.

We create all type of artworks for private and professional customers. We would like to expand the art presence and make it not an accesory, but a way of life.

If you want to check some of our artworks, you can go to voyeur tab, but if you need access to our full catalog or would like to propose us any type of project, please contact us.





For the last 15 years we have been producing multidisciplinary workshops and now it seems to us that this is the best time to open our own space.

Join us in this adventure and help us create this space of alternative creation!


Why creating this project?

After a wide research we saw that artists need something to deblock their processes. Often workshops focus in the artist as an individual and lack of co-creation and participatory activities, actions needed to create new alliances and synergies between the workshop members.

We also detected that often arts disciplines isolate from other areas, missing the chance of innovating while working together.

This (and other reasons) was what made us think on creating our space.

What do we offer?

The aim or our workshops is to show new techniques and methodologies, while synergizing with workshop participants, in order to exchange experiences. We select workshops to offer those techniques difficult to find, sustainable art techniques or unique cross-disciplinary experiences, in which we would all share our work processes.

Within our workshops, we also offer transversal workshops where we merge different disciplines, in order to experiment and look for new forms of expression. We apply co-creation and design methodologies in order to ignite creativity and solution making.

We consider that much of the experience of a workshop is networking with the rest of the participants and their contribution as artists and individuals. For this reason, craft house lab offers complementary activities, through experimentation spaces, participatory and co-creation activities, and collateral events; all really important for innovation.

Our new space in Sitges

This new space will be settled south of Barcelona in the city of Sitges, known for its beaches and beautiful landscapes, and not that known for its arts and design background.

We believe it is the best environment to create this kind of studio because of the broad amount of artists living in the area and the incredible environment, perfect for all the workshops we intend to host and give. It is also quite near the airport and Barcelona city, offering all sort of opportunities for collateral events and culture offer.

For whom?

Our multidisciplinary workshops will be for artists and art lovers, regardless of their professional experience and age. We will organise special one-size workshops for different age groups to join (family experiences) and for kids that love experimenting.

We are interested in people who learn by experimenting and above all by enjoying what they do. Our intention is to facilitate the way so that they can evolve and continue to grow in their personal work.


  • Offer experiences where students also learn to conceptualize their work and solve problems that arise.
  • We believe in a world in which knowledge is shared, that is why we want to give you the possibility of accessing this information to everyone ‘sharing is caring`.
  • We offer solutions for all budgets (online and in person)
  • We want to empower the student and especially the children.
  • We’re not scolded with technology. We have workshops where we teach how to use technology as a tool for creation …
  • We look for sustainability solutions for both our clients and teachers.

How to support our project?

In our crowdfunding campaign you will find different types of rewards for the most creative (online workshops, weekend workshops and WINE AND CREATION sessions) and for art lovers (graphic work and artworks in small and medium format). All the options for those who want to contribute in our space.

For more information about the rewards it is best to go to our web pages, facebook page and instagram.

Now we want to wish that you join our community of #art_lovers who believe in #teamwork, #cooperation and #sustainability.